Vampire Bat Sticker

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This water resistant vinyl sticker features an antique image of a vampire bat. Feel free to stick it on your car or bike, it can go outside! It's also rated to last 3-5 years without fading. 4" wide. Beautiful bright colors on quality vinyl.

This can be your new favorite laptop sticker! A fabulous phone sticker! A cool yeti sticker! A cute mug decal (don't use the dishwasher, but yes, you can put this on a mug or wineglass!) A notebook decoration! Who knows :)

Buy this sticker individually or buy a few for a discount! 4 stickers/$10, 10 stickers/$20. When commenting your sticker selection, please be clear what stickers you would like. You may choose from the below:
**Vintage Images**
-Retro Pineapple
-Antique Flamingo
-Pickle Label
-Florida Map
-Peacock Feather
-Polly Sweets Label
-Red Fish (Soldierfish)
-Spotted Cardinalfish
-Sunset Butterflyfish
-Begonia Leaf
-Caladium Leaf (Red and Green)
-Calathea Leaf (Zebra Plant)
-Fern Leaf
-Red Flower Cactus
-Pink Flower Cactus
-White Flower Cactus
-Red Sea Star (Starfish)
-Antique Squid
-Octopus with Tentacles
-Colorful Sea Shell (Orange Red Blue)
-Blue Green Sea Shell
-White and Brown Sea Shell
-Antique Puffin
-Antique Crow
-Antique Penguin
-Vintage Watermelon Wedge
-Gray's Anatomy Heart
-Antique Vampire Bat
-Black Cat Face
-Fortune Telling Card
-Sitting Antique Skeleton
**Gianna Pergamo Illustrated Images**
-Birthday Squirrel
-Excited Alligator
-Otter in Yellow Dress
-Rollerskate Fox
-Otter in Red Dress
-Mermaid Cat
-Mermaid Pug
-Flamingo Man
-Coffee Dog
-Lady Pelican
-Crocodile in Red Bow
-Dachshund Mermaid
-Kitty in Red Heels
-Duck with Flowers
-Pig with Flowers
-Cupid Pug
-Dog with Cat (Bertha)
-Donut Pug
-Foxy Lady

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Materials: Waterproof Vinyl Sticker,Vinyl,Illustration,Illustrated Sticker