Giraffe Art and Gifts

Giraffes are such cool animals, with their long necks, purple tongues, and crazy patterning. For your friend who loves giraffes, check out these giraffe gifts and art! All of the illustrations are originally handmade mixed media pieces on canvas, and are reproduced in high quality to make the art prints, greeting cards, and stickers. The originals are available, too!

Cool Art Gifts for Giraffe Lovers

  • This giraffe sticker is so adorable- the little guy is wearing a sweater and pleated shorts! The perfect size for a phone or notebook, or stick it on your laptop or car.
  • This card of two giraffe men in love is super unique! The giraffes look big and strong in their vintage suits, while their closeness and the hearts around them show the message of the card. Perfect anniversary card within a gay relationship or to give your gay friends at their wedding.
  • Looking to decorate your house with your favorite animal? We have the gay giraffes as an art print, two giraffe girls (sisters? best friends?), and giraffe and son as 8x10" art prints.

Get an original gift for the giraffe lover in your life- a unique piece of giraffe art!

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Giraffe Love Card
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