Wood Animal Magnets

It's time to step up your magnet game! You may have some magnets on your fridge, but if you don't have any of these illustrated animal magnets, you're missing out! Each fabulously dressed up animal or mermaid creature was originally handmade mixed media art by Gianna Pergamo. A high quality reproduction of the animal character has been adhered to wood and laser cut in-house to its silhouette! It is then varnished for longevity and attached to a strong magnet which can easily hold up several pieces of paper. They make great birthday, holiday, and housewarming gifts for animal lovers.

Types of Illustrated Animal Magnets

  • Dapper flamingos and excited alligators!
  • Dressed up cats and mermaid cats!
  • Mermaid dogs- including pugs and dachshunds!
  • Little giraffe boys and otter girls!

Places to put your New Laser Cut Wood Magnet

  • Let's get the obvious out of the way- the old classic, the refrigerator. Works on the big honker at home or on the mini fridge at your kid's dorm.
  • It's both cute and practical to use them on a metal filing cabinet.
  • Teens love these magnets, too! Get them a few for their locker for a sweet, handmade back to school gift.
These illustrated animal magnets are both practical and fun!


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