Pug Art and Gifts

Who can resist the face of a pug? Their squished faces and slightly bulging eyes elicit squeals of joy from a pug lover! So why not decorate your home, even your life, with them? These illustrations are especially cute because these pugs are dressed in vintage clothes or as mermaids! Each item starts as a piece of handmade art by Gianna Pergamo before it is reproduced as a print, tote bag, magnet, greeting card or sticker.

Pug Art to Hang on Your Wall

  • Pugs in love! This lady pug is being romanced by a dachshund. In this piece of gay art, a suited pug smooches a Boston Terrier.
  • A beautiful mermaid pug sits on a rock- where will you hang her in your home?
  • These little kid pugs eating ice cream on a bench could go in your kitchen or a children's room.

Illustrated Pug Gifts

  • Pug vinyl stickers are a great little treat to stick in a birthday card! They can go so many places, indoors and outdoors, such as a phone, skateboard, computer, or car.
  • Check out this donut pug tote bag! A very practical gift for a pug lover.
  • This pug mermaid magnet will look great on your fridge! So cool, it's made out of laser cut wood.

Illustrated Pug Cards

  • We have pug birthday cards, love cards, and everyday cards.
  • This santa pug card is perfect for Christmas.
  • This pug lighting a menorah is a unique Hanukkah card!

Pug owners and pug lovers enjoy seeing those cute squished faces wherever they go- so check out all the pug art gifts!