Original Cat Paintings

These original cat paintings are the perfect gift for the true cat lover. Each mixed media piece is created with love and care by professional artist Gianna Pergamo. Gianna uses collage and paint to create unique characters that you can relate to and fall in love with. Each painting has a variety of textures that can be appreciated best in the original, in person. The is because the handmade nature really shines through when you can be up close with the original piece.

Handmade Cat Art

  • This painting of cat ladies at lunch perfectly represents sisters or best friends
  • These two male cats would be a great piece of art for the home of a gay couple, and a perfect gay wedding gift
  • This cat is being held by a dog! Who knew cats and dogs could be such close friends?
  • And more!

Want cat art for your home but can't afford an original? Check out these prints and stickers. When your love of cats and interesting contemporary art combines, a Pergamo Paper Goods cat painting is the way to go!

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