Original Animal Art

If you're an art collector with a penchant for animals, or an animal lover looking for the perfect piece to put on your wall, professional artist Gianna Pergamo's mixed media pieces might be right up your alley. Handmade and original, her illustrations combine transfer, collage, and acrylic paint to create her animal characers. Each piece is full of interest and joy, whether it is an otter ina a snowsuit sledding down a hill, or an alligator girl surrounded by gifts. There are exotic animals in vintage clothes, as well as dogs and cats wearing their best as they go about their days.

Dressed Up Animals and Animal Mermaids

  • Have you ever seen a rat terrier mermaid swimming in the ocean? 
  • What about two deer about to smooch under the mistletoe?
  • Ducks at a lemonade stand?
  • And many more!

Gianna's animal art pieces are created with love and attention to detail. If you are a fan of her art, having an original in your home will certainly be satisfying.

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