Mermaid Dog Gifts and Art

Let's face it- besides dogs being intrinsically wonderful and loving, they can be silly, silly creatures. If you've browsed through Gianna's dog illustrations, you've already seen them dressed up- but have you ever seen a dog mermaid? They are the most fun of all! We have mermaid dachshunds, mermaid pugs, and mermaid terriers! Each one was originally a handmade collage by Gianna Pergamo, and they have been transformed into a variety of gift items.

Types of Mermaid Dog Gifts

  • Signed Art Prints; add some humor to a nautical themed room!
  • Greeting Cards! This mermaid pug card is perfect for almost any occasion.
  • Wooden Magnets for your refrigerator, locker, or file cabinet!
  • Vinyl Stickers that you can put wherever! Put one on your phone, bike, laptop, etc and always have your little buddy with you!
  • Check here for original pieces, or email to see if your favorite is still available!

For a dog lover, a mermaid dog gift is unexpected but ultimately perfect!