Mermaid Animal Art

We all have a mermaid lover in our lives! Why not give them a unique, handmade gift to add to their mermaid collection? Gianna Pergamo's mermaid art turns animals, not people, into mermaids! This is a fun twist that especially appeals to those with pets.

Mermaid Animal Art Gifts

  • A variety of framable, signed art prints featuring mermaid cats and mermaid dogs! Check out this mermaid pug!
  • Mermaid animal vinyl stickers are perfect for laptops, phones, cards, etc, and fit perfectly inside a card
  • Several greeting cards to say happy birthday, congratulations, or hello!
  • Original paintings for the mermaid art collector! All available paintings can be found here.

If you love cats and dogs, having a mermaid version of them in your life can add a bit of whimsy and joy! Check out our mermaid art today!

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