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Want to have a home full of dressed up animals? Gianna Pergamo's art prints are high quality, signed reproductions and an economical way to decorate your house with her fun, whimsical art pieces. You can create a room of dressed up dogs, a hallway of cats, even a nursery menagerie! Each piece of art has a retro vibe, due to the clothing used the collages being from vintage books and magazines. They easily complement a retro or modern home look. Easy to frame, buy a print or two (or four or five!)

So Many Animals! Such Fun Art!

  • Alligators and Crocodiles! There's an excited gator lady, a cool dude in a sweater, and lesbian gators in swimsuits!
  • Birds! Including ducks, geese, flamingos and pelicans!
  • Cats! So many, many cats! My favorite is this cat drinking a beer...
  • Deer!
  • Dogs! Including pugs (lots of pugs!), frenchies, pit bulls, and more!
  • Foxes! The regular kind and fennec foxes, too
  • Giraffes!
  • Kangaroos!
  • Otters!!
  • Pigs!
  • Sharks!
  • Whales!
  • And More!

View them all below :) Bonus- Mermaid Animals!

If you're looking for quirky animal art prints, you may have just found the right place!

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