My first blog post, Yay!

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Hello, it’s Gianna - artist and owner of Pergamo Paper Goods. I have decided to start a blog! So I thought I might need an intro post with a little about myself and a little bit about what I intend to do with this blog.

About me:

  • Illustrator/artist
  • Owner of Pergamo Paper Goods for 11 years
  • Has 3 dogs, one permanent foster, and will have another foster soon
  • Loves: Animals (especially alligators), the beach, vintage stuff

What this blog will be about:

  • Art techniques, especially collage
  • Art shows I’m in
  • Art shows I visit
  • New art
  • Things I’m working on
  • Stores I have products in
  • Dogs
  • Animals and outdoor adventures
  • More stuff I haven’t thought of yet!

 If you have ideas for my blog including stuff you’d like to learn about or just whatever, please let me know! I would like people to actually read it so I’d like it to be as interesting and informative as possible.

Take care!

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  • I am happy you are doing this. I think a shot at what you are working on… Perhaps another time do a how to on a technique. Maybe a short history on your style of art. Etc.

    Jackie Maphis on

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