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10 Sticker Pack - Vintage illustrations
Please let me know which ten stickers you want in the comments.

Feel free to stick them on your car or bike, they can go outside! They're also rated to last 3-5 years without fading. Stickers are 3" or 4" at their widest point (for example, pickle sticker is 4" tall, bee sticker is 3" wide). Beautiful bright colors on quality vinyl.

This can be your new favorite laptop sticker! A fabulous phone sticker! A cool yeti sticker! A cute mug decal (don't use the dishwasher, but yes, you can put this on a mug or wineglass!) A notebook decoration! Who knows :)

Buy this sticker individually or buy a few for a discount! 4 stickers/$10, 10 stickers/$20. When commenting your sticker selection, please be clear what stickers you would like. You may choose from the below:
(Vintage Images)
-Retro Pineapple
-Antique Flamingo
-Pickle Label
-Florida Map
-Peacock Feather
-Polly Sweets Label
-Red Fish (Soldierfish)
-Spotted Cardinalfish
-Sunset Butterflyfish
-Begonia Leaf
-Caladium Leaf (Red and Green)
-Calathea Leaf (Zebra Plant)
-Fern Leaf
-Red Flower Cactus
-Pink Flower Cactus
-White Flower Cactus
-Red Sea Star (Starfish)
-Antique Squid
-Octopus with Tentacles
-Colorful Sea Shell (Orange Red Blue)
-Blue Green Sea Shell
-White and Brown Sea Shell
-Antique Puffin
-Antique Crow
-Antique Penguin
-Vintage Watermelon Wedge
-Gray's Anatomy Heart
-Antique Vampire Bat
-Black Cat Face
-Fortune Telling Card
-Sitting Antique Skeleton
(Gianna Pergamo Illustrated Images)
-Birthday Squirrel
-Excited Alligator
-Otter in Yellow Dress
-Rollerskate Fox
-Otter in Red Dress
-Mermaid Cat
-Mermaid Pug
-Flamingo Man
-Coffee Dog
-Lady Pelican
-Crocodile in Red Bow
-Dachshund Mermaid
-Kitty in Red Heels
-Duck with Flowers
-Pig with Flowers
-Cupid Pug
-Dog with Cat (Bertha)
-Donut Pug
-Foxy Lady

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Materials: Waterproof Vinyl Sticker,Vinyl

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